Expert Sports Handicapping


Mark "The Shark" has been sports betting for over 30 years with his roots in horse racing at Santa Anita Park in Southern California. His knowledge, honesty, and hard work have built a solid reputation with his clients throughout all the sports seasons. His record over the years of producing winning season, his willingness to talk with clients anytime, his attitude of no excuses and his sports betting approach have built long term client relationships.  No sales pressure. No false advertising. No outbound phone calls. Mark simple leads with results. Mark is proud to being working with both Ken and Mike and had these recent remarks "I can not express how excited I am that we are able to roll out this new Web site for our clients a better more user friendly Web Site. The growth and success over the years has enabled us to grow but grow the right way, better handicapping, better Web site and we are passing our success on to the clients with Lower Cost".


Ken "The One" has been behind the scenes with the Shark for many years and now joins the team out front. Ken specializes in the NHL and MLB. Ken has had three straight winning seasons in both the NHL and MLB and will lead the expert Hockey picks and expert Baseball picks for the Shark Team.  Ken lives on the coast in California near Santa Barbara and it's not a surprise that Ken excels in the NHL and MLB as he is a CPA and has been running numbers on these two sports his whole life. Both the NHL and MLB require a unique handicapping style and his background as a CPA further enhances his ability to produce winning seasons in these sports. Interesting enough, unlike other handicappers, Ken still puts the pencil to the paper in making his final selections. Mark said this about Ken and MLB "I have tracked all the top handicappers in country and none of them can touch Ken in baseball. He will beat them every year."


How We Win


During the course of any week odds makers and sports books have to set lines for EVERY game being played. We simply find a few that have the better chance and sometimes we find one of their mistakes. We spend hours researching the games. We compile enormous amounts of information that includes statistics, trends, injury reports, weather reports and emotional factors. We also receive information from a network of personal contacts, which we has developed and maintained throughout the past couple of decades.


Thorough Analysis


Each pick the Team makes is backed up by thorough analysis on why that pick has the best chance to win. Stats, simulations, information and the experience separate us from the competition. Most handicappers will throw out statistics and trends that are available at many sports sites as the basis for their picks. Mark takes it one step further and provides you with the intangibles that you may not think about or are not well known.


One Sports Betting System


Many handicappers will offer you different levels of picks. If you want the "insiders" play, you pay a fortune. They will separate their "lock" picks from their "normal" picks; they provide you "game of the week" or "game of the year" for different conferences, divisions, days of the week; they offer you a unit system where you bet more money on some games than you do on others. We take the approach that every member gets the best picks. We only publish the best picks. And they come to you at a fair price. Our system is based on strong money management and consistent play, whcih is why we maintain winning year after year after year.


Success Year After Year


Success at Shark handicapping is measured in years, not days or weeks. Sports handicapping is a streaky business so to measure anyone on the basis of success for a day or a weekend is a failing strategy -- and why most people lose money week in and week out. Many handicappers will tout their last 10 or 20 plays, representing 5 or 7 days. What about the times they go on a cold streak? They highlight the "games of the month" or "games of the year" record instead. Win or lose, we tell you like it is and publish our performance on a daily basis. Your record is tracked from the day you join! No one and I mean no one else does this!


No Hassles, No Hype, Information Privacy


None of our staff is on commission. We do not make outgoing phone calls. We NEVER sell or exchange our client's email or other information to ANYONE. Your information, our integrity and your business are far more important to us than anything we can make by sharing information. You will not find sports pick "locks" or "can't lose" games coming from Shark Handicapping. What you will find is a service that is easy to work with, will talk with you just about any time and one you will want to stay with for a long time to come. Our membership renewal rate is a strong testament to our customer service approach. Give us a try today!