Horse Racing with Shark Handicapping

Since our re-entry in the racing we have had a great ride so far and we look forward to continued success. Our Horse Racing is graded at ¼ units.


Here are some basic guidelines and hints for horse racing. Because horse racing can payoff at higher odds and because picking the winner of a horse race can be difficult we suggest you play ¼ units of you normal play, in other words 20.00 sports player would play 5.00 on each horse selection. The great thing about horse racing is you do not have to hit every race to win money and if fact you don’t even have to hit near 50% to make money.


While we try not to play favorites and prefer at least 3 – 1 odds when playing horses but there are times that we release a favorite. The best rule of thumb would be to limit the lower odds to around 4 – 5 and if the odds drop below that, you should think about passing on the race.


You can increase your profits with our horse racing by following these simple rules and also by using some judgment on your part. Unlike sports betting where we advocate flat betting, horse racing will require you to vary you betting amount. For example, if you play 5.00 a selection and we have an exacta selection, your play amount on the exacta should be less then a win or place bet.


We our selection says to take the #5 horse to win and place, and take an exacta on the #5 horse to the number #7 horse, your would play 3 bets. 5.00 to win, 5.00 to place and a 2.00 exacta. The same rules for any exotic bets like the daily double, Trifecta, pic 3 or pic 6.


Since we do not try to release favorites you should keep in mind that when we do release a favorite there is probably a good reason for it. Since you are looking at a lower payoff amount it would make sense to raise you play a little bit. If we release a 4 – 1 horse and you play 5.00 you would win 20.00 but if we release a 1 – 1 horse your same 5.00 would earn 5.00. In this case you would be better off slightly increasing you play on a favorite. The rule can be used for long shots, as if we release a horse that is higher then 15 – 1 you could play 2.00 instead of the 5.00 play. At 15 – 1 a 2.00 play is going to net over 30.00. Make sense?


Below are some basic terminology in horse racing.



WIN – With a Win bet, your horse must finish first.

PLACE – With a place bet your horse can finish first or second.

SHOW – With a show bet your horse can finish first, second or third.

DAILY DOUBLE – This is picking the winner of back to back races. You must select the winner of both races in order to collect.

EXACTA - An exacta bet is picking two horses in the same race and they must finish first and second in exact order.

QUINELLA - The quinella is the same as the exacta except that the horse may finish first and second in either order.

TRIFECTA - A bet on three horses in the same race to finish first, second and third in exact order.

PICK 3 - A bet on three horses, with each in a different race. You must select the winner in each of three separate races.

PICK 4 - A bet on four horses, with each in a different race. You must select the winner in each of four separate races.

SUPERFECTA - This bet requires the bettor to select the first four finishers, in exact order in a specified single race.

PICK 6 - You must select the winners in each of six separate races. Money wagered in these pools is carried over from day to day until it is won. You could win hundreds of thousands of dollars with just a two dollar bet.

ODDS & PAYOFFS - The table below will show the $2 payoff for the 1-9 favorite to the 99-1 long shot:



1-9 2.10           3-1 8.00

1-5 2.40           7-2 9.00

2-5 2.80           4-1 10.00

1-2 3.00           5-1 12.00

3-5 3.20           6-1 14.00

4-5 3.60           7-1 16.00

1-1 4.00           8-1 18.00

6-5 4.40           9-1 20.00

7-5 4.80           10-1 22.00

3-2 5.00           20-1 42.00

8-5 5.20           30-1 62.00

9-5 5.60           40-1 82.00

2-1 6.00           50-1 102.00

5-2 7.00           99-1 200.00