11 Games in the NBA and all 11 Games Went Over the Posted Total

This is not really an article on sports picks or the best handicappers or some real good information. This is just a note to see if anyone else saw what happened in the NBA last night?


All 11 games went over the posted totals with 10 of the 11 games going over the 200 point mark; the one game that stayed under 200 was the Oklahoma City vs. Portland game and they scored 198 points. The highest scoring game was the Minnesota vs. San Antonio game that totaled 244 points and there were two games that landed on 224 points.


What are the odds on all 11 games going over? Huge! If you played all 11 teams in a round robin for one dollar you would have cashed in well over $2,500.00.


So, what’s gonna happen now? There are 18 games left in the regular season with 4 games tonight and 14 tomorrow night. Who knows but you can be sure that we will be watching and we also will be more than likely sitting on the sidelines betting on baseball!! Hope everyone caught our + money game on the Minnesota Twins yesterday over Boston, the oddsmakers don’t make many mistakes but making Minnesota an opening +135 in the home opener was a gift.


Anyway, that’s whole another article, just wanted to see if anyone else was paying attention to one of the most un-likely happenings in the world of sports betting and the NBA with all 11 games going over the posted totals.