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The best sports handicappers offer insight to the NFC East. This year could be a very interesting one in the NFC East. At least three of these teams expect to be in a post-season race at the end of the season. With the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys already established, this year the Redskins look to return to form. Read on to see a more detailed preview for all NFC East teams.


Philadelphia Eagles - Projected record 8-8


The Eagles will be an interesting story during the 2012 season, the media has still not forgotten about Michael Vick, and on the heels of a tragic Andy Reid story, there are many clouds following the Eagles, even before they officially take the field. After a less than stellar 2011 season, the Philadelphia defense looks to greatly outperform last year’s shortcomings. Vick can be mentioned along with the best in the game, but consistently leaves himself open to the possibility of injury, this could pose a problem during 2012. However, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Maclin are all primary targets and playmakers, don’t underestimate the Eagles if they are all on the field together.


Dallas Cowboys – Projected Record 9-7


There are multiple stars on this Dallas team, but none shine brighter than DeMarco Murray, Murray made a huge impact during his time on the field during the 2011 season. Unfortunately, he was sidelined due to injury, but look for the Las Vegas native to return with a vengeance during 2012. Romo will need to remain healthy, and quite frankly, be better than he has in the past, in order to compete in the East this year. Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin will need to be operating at full caliber to help Romo. Keep an eye on Whitten as he will be out for the remainder of the preseason with a lacerated spleen.


New York Giants - Projected Record 11-5


During 2012, the Giants will face both, praise and scrutiny, a small price to pay for a super-bowl championship. Eli will still be Eli, he will continue to target to Cruz, and Nicks, however, there will be no Manningham to throw to this year. If there is one thing for sure, the defense certainly did not get any worse. The Giants will have Tuck returning from injury, keep an eye on Pierre-Paul to be a playmaker during 2012


Washington Redskins - Projected Record 5-11


During the 2012 NFL Draft, the Redskins definitely made headway with regard to rebuilding. Acquiring Robert Griffin III was a huge move by the team, and will pay dividends for years to come. Unfortunately, the supporting cast will not be enough to keep the Redskins in the race for the duration of the season. No question, this will be a make or break year for Mike Shanahan.


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