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The best sports handicappers offer insight to the AFC West, which should be a relatively competitive division at the top, however there seems to be some drop off in talent after that. This year’s AFC West will center around Peyton Manning’s ability to: Stay healthy, shake of the rust, and work within a new offense, with new personnel and targets.


Oakland Raiders- Projected record 6-10


The Raiders possess a defense that will allow them to stay competitive for a given period of time, the true test will be to see if the offense can get in rhythm. Darren McFadden will be the cornerstone on the ground, and Carson Palmer will need to significantly step up his game in 2012 to keep the Raiders within shouting distance of the playoff picture. Unfortunately for Raider fans, roster moves have actually hurt them during the offseason.


San Diego Chargers – Projected Record 9-7


After another disappointing season in 2011, the Chargers look to improve in 2012 after losing WR Vincent Jackson to Tampa Bay. The key for the Chargers will be Phillip Rivers, who also had a disappointing 2011, throwing 20 interceptions, and fumbling 5 times. Rivers will need to make significant progress if San Diego plans to give Denver a run for their money at the division crown.


Denver Broncos - Projected Record 11-5


Peyton Manning, loved by many, hated by few. Media blitz has surrounded Manning, concerns with coming back after injury, concerns awaiting the first big hit of the year, and how Manning (and his body) will react. If Peyton can find any sliver of the QB he was in Indianapolis, this will be a very productive year for the Broncos. Denver had issues in 2011 at the QB position, and let’s face it, the Broncos passing game was essentially non existent since week 6 of 2011. If Knowshon Moreno, and Peyton Manning can stay healthy, Denver could very well find themselves at the top of the AFC West.


Kansas City Chiefs - Projected Record 8-8


KC is a nothing special type of team in 2012. For the fourth consecutive year, the Chiefs have hired a new offensive coordinator, which will require Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, and Tony Mokeaki to adapt yet again. Romeo Crennel now head coach, and defensive coordinator, will look to build on the defense’s strong second half performance, which essentially kept them in the playoff hunt for a little while. The Chiefs definitely look to be in a rebuilding stage after firing their GM Pioli, and head coach Haley last season. If Cassel fails to perform, expect to see some experimentation at QB in 2012



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