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The best sports handicappers offer insight to the AFC East, This seams to be another division which has already been determined, the Patriots always have a solid core, and a very team oriented attitude, there will be competition, but not enough to unseat the mighty Pats from atop the AFC East throne. Meanwhile, this preseason has brought about many questions concerning the Jets passing game. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of the AFC East


New England Patriots- Projected record 13-3


With Belichick at the helm, and Brady taking charge of the offense, the Patriots look to improve on their already stellar offensive numbers after being third in scoring in 2011. Keep in mind that Green Ellis is no longer with the team, he will be replaced by Stevan Ridley & Shane Vereen. If there is one weakness in the Pats’ offense, it could very well be the running game. No doubt, Welker, Gronkowski and Hernandez will be huge players in the offense, maybe even more-so than last year with the departure of Green Ellis. The Patriots will need to improve on the defensive side of the ball, pass defense was atrocious, the team made seven selections from the amateur draft with hopes of improving defensively.


Buffalo Bills – Projected Record 9-7


Watch out for the Bills in 2012. Although they may be young, and lack legitimate “superstar” talent, this is a team full of good, quality players. Fitzpatrick will be running the offense, meanwhile Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller will be taking care of the ground attack. This should offer Fitzpatrick a variety of options, allowing him to concentrate of the aerial attack. Defensively, the Bills should be much improved after signing Mark Anderson and Mario Williams during the offseason, and drafting rookie cornerback Stephon Gilmore. As long as the defense can find a way to pass rush more effectively than they did in 2011, expect to see the Bills making a playoff run down the stretch.


New York Jets - Projected Record 6-10


During the offseason, the Jets paid Tim Tebow a healthy amount of money, taking on his nearly 5 million dollar contract. A curious move by NY due to the fact they have Mark Sanchez, and Tebow will be featured in a wildcat offense situation. During the preseason, the Jets showed a terrible passing game, and not much promise in either of their star QB’s. Quarterback’s aside, there is one thing that MUST happen if the Jets plan to even compete in the division...Shonn Green has to be better, especially after his terrible 2011 showing. This Jets team will consistently be surrounded by media fire and controversy in the New York market. The Jets will need some serious help to be a playoff team in 2012




Miami Dolphins - Projected Record 4-12


The 2012 Dolphins team will be coached by Joe Philbin, defensive strategies will be different with a new coordinator calling the shots, and Tannehill will be responsible for overseeing their passing attack. Tannehill will not have much to work with after the departure of Chad Johnson, Reggie Bush will carry the workload on the ground, and expect him to get a LOT of touches. This will be a season, maybe even an era of rebuilding in Miami. They will focus around a solid defense including Wake, Starks, and Dansby.



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