Shark Handicapping Launches New Website!

We have been working overtime to get ready and are pleased to announce the NEW  Web Site launching today!   With March Madness, NBA and NBA Playoffs, NHL and MLB jut around the corner this is a great time of the year to be playing and an even greater time to be launching our new Web Site.  


We are truly excited to provide some unique features to our clients and want everyone to have the opportunity to view the member pages of shark handicapping and will be offering each registered member a full free 4 day access pass to check out the new site. We think you will find the site much easier to use with more in-depth reporting.  Here are some highlights and I urge you to log-in and take a look over the next 4 days. teamed up with premier Information Technology Company Tekworkforce to develop the new design.  Ben Routson from Tekworkforce and Sharkhandicapping have already identified phase two of the new site with even more functionality for the clients. Ben said “While we know we want to enhance some features of the site we both felt it was important to get the site live for the clients and Sharkhandicapping with the knowledge we would have the time complete the automation of web pages for future offerings, like the Shark Challenge, where we can make the site interactive for the clients and automate the scoring of the shark challenge. In our design we feel the My Dashboard page and the Shark Tracker are great pages for the clients to see a full picture of shark handicapping and we look forward to future development opportunities”.           

The “My Dash Board” page, this is the page you will first see when you log-in and will give you an overview of your account. The length of time you have been a member, today’s card and our score card of every selection made since your membership started.


The “My Account” page, this is where you can maintain your personal account on with option to change your password, e-mail address or add additional time to your membership.


The “My Picks” page is where you will find today’s board and selections with complete write-ups.

And finally you won’t want to miss the “Shark Tracker” page where you will find every selection made since your membership and the ability to quickly look at each sport or drill down into the details of every selection made since your membership.


If you want to see the new site over the next 4 days just register and send us an e-mail and you to will have complete access to the site. Every day you can log back into the site to see the Shark Tracker change and update automatically with each selection graded from the night before.


And as always we will be hosting the Shark Challenge during baseball season and you will want to get in the Challenge and if you win the challenge you will spend a weekend with the shark and staff in Las Vegas on us, checkout the Challenge Page for details. Not to mention with the lower pricing options available make it that much easier to get into the Challenge.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us and remember “Play Smart”


Thanks from Mark!

Mark and the entire staff