MLB Sports Handicappers Houston (37-53) at Pittsburgh (30-59)

Our winning sports picks just got better as our football season has already started. We love playing the CFL as we cherry pick the league. We have only played 3 games so far but bring a sweet 3 – 0 record in those 3 games.


We could choose any game to preview so why chose a preview of a team that can’t consistently score runs against a team that can’t win? Well this one brings an interesting perspective in sports handicapping as Houston has now won every game this year against the Pirates going 7 – 0 after last night’s win. Houston was one of our favorite sports picks we played yesterday getting the Astros at just -105. If we looked back to include last season we find that Houston has dominated Pittsburgh going 9 – 4 last season and with this season’s 7 – 0 mark they are now 16 – 4 in the last 20 games. Due to scheduling it’s interesting to note that 15 of those 20 games have been played in Houston.


Today we find Pittsburgh listed as a favorite over Houston as they bring the red hot Ross Ohlendorf to face Bud Norris. Over his last three games Ohlendorf has a 0.90 ERA and has more strikeouts then hits allowed. He has gone 20 innings over those 3 starts allowing 14 hits while striking out 16 batters. And what does he have to show for those efforts? A 1 – 1 record in those 3 games. While he allowed just 4 total runs in those 3 games the Pirates offense scored just 4 total runs in support.


Bud Norris will take the mound for Houston and he has 3 starts since being recalled and has allowed 5, 0 and 5 runs in those 3 starts. Something about 5’s and 0’s for Mr. Norris if we include his games pitched when sent down to the minors we find he has alternated between allowing 5 runs and 0’s runs seven times. That’s 5, 0, 5, 0, 5, 0, 5 runs allowed over his last seven starts. So he should shutout the Pirates today, right? He did face Pittsburgh last season allowing just 1 run in 6 innings on 84 total pitches. Still, Norris enters this one 2 – 6 with an ERA of 5.97 overall and over his last 10 starts if he has not shut a team out (allowed 1 run once) he has allowed no less than 5 runs in start.


This all makes for an interesting sports handicapping game and while I don’t think I will be laying any money down on this game, I would lean to the team that has dominated the other team and take my plus money +107 line just about every time.


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Sport betting information


Opening Line: Houston +107 - Pittsburgh -114 Total is set at: 8.5


The Astros are 1 - 4 the L5 times Norris' was the listed underdog.

The Astros are 6 - 2 in their L8 against the NLeague Central.

The Pirates are 1-7 in Ohlendorfs L8 starts against the NL Central.

The Pirates are 11-41 in their L52 games facing a right-handed starter.

The Under is 5-2 in Norris' L7 against the NL Central.

The Under is 6-2 in Ohlendorfs L8 home starts when the total between 7.0-8.5.



The Under is 5-0 in Ohlendorfs L5 starts against the Astros.

The Astros are 5-1 in the L6 meetings played in Pittsburgh.

The Astros are 23-6 in the L29 meetings overall.


Umpire Information

The Over is 5-1-1 in Diazs L7 games as the home plate umpire with Pittsburgh.

The Under is 4-1 in Diazs L5 games as the home plate umpire with Houston.

The Home team is 8-3 in Diazs L11 Saturday games as the home plate umpire.