What to look for when betting NFL Preseason

The best sports handicapper has always said betting the NFLX is a money maker.  Here at sharkhanddicapping.com we believe here is plenty of room on the board to find value in betting the NFLX.   Here are some of the things you want to consider when betting the NFLX.


Motivation, in the preseason a motivated team is the number one aspect to betting preseason football.  I get the question all the time “how can you pick a preseason NFL game when the teams have not played a down”. While I am giving you some input here let’s look at our preseason opening game selection that won.  How could the Saints not be more motivated than any other team entering the first preseason game?  We bet that game solely on that fact.  The Saints wanted to come out and prove they can play not matter what the league did to them on the bounty scandal.  When teams are having a poor preseason and playing their last home game could be considered a motivational factor.  Find motivation in professional sports and you have a solid chance at grabbing a winner.


Coaching, the second piece to betting NFLX is coaching.  Some coach care less about preseason and do not care what the scoreboard looks like.  Look at Philadelphia and New England’s NFLX records over the years.  However, some coaches in charge of bad teams need to change the way of thought and look to win preseason games.  The Lions have gone undefeated in several of their last preseasons.  When you get a rookie coach who wants to win right away is sold reason to look for a play on.


Back-ups, back-ups at the skill position of QB and RB.  Sometime you find better 2nd and 3rd stringers then starter of other teams.  Look how loaded the Saints QB position is.  When you have competition at the QB and RB position you will get greater efforts from those players and then the team as a whole.


Also remember the first few weeks tend to be lower scoring games as the offenses are not yet in sync.  So, when betting the NFL preseason look at the 3 big factors of motivation, coaching and backup positions.


Remember you do not have to pay crazy high prices for a quality sports service.


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