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The best sports handicappers offer insight to the NFC West, a division which; already seems to have its fate determined. With the presence of a seemingly strong and fortified 49ers team, who outscored the high powered Saints offense in the 2011 Divisional Playoff game, before going on to lose to the eventual Super bowl Champion, New York Giants in overtime. The question will be the 49ers ability to execute and remain motivated with an exuberance of youth. Read on to see a more detailed preview for all NFC West teams.


San Francisco 49ers - Projected record: 12-4


In Harbaugh’s second year, the team looks to improve on their regular season 13-3 record. They have certainly put themselves in a strong position to do so by drafting Oregon star LaMichael James, who will provide an additional burst out of the backfield. Expect James to line up as a backfield receiver as well, his big play ability is a valuable addition to an already strong backfield.


In addition, Alex Smith is clearly comfortable with the Harbaugh style. The 49ers have also added some noteworthy targets for Smith, signing Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. Although Smith will not put up Brady or Rodgers type of numbers, look for Smith to lead his team back to the postseason.



St. Louis Rams - Projected Record 9-7


The Rams added some key pieces to compliment the best pass rush defense in the division. Three talented (not to mention young) CB’s will be the cornerstone of their secondary, look for Finnegan, Johnson, and Jenkins to provide extra help with pass defense. Recent reports suggest Sam Bradford is still contemplating the possibility of post-season surgery on his ailing ankle, although Bradford denies the validity of the reports, the ankle still seems to be a point of interest.



Seattle Seahawks - Projected Record 7-9


Without question, the Seahawks struggled on the offensive side of the ball during 2011. Their response was to bring in former Packers 2nd string QB Matt Flynn. The question now is, will Flynn be able to perform? This answer has multiple parts. First and foremost, Flynn will actually benefit greatly from solidifying the ground game through Lynch. Keep in mind that Flynn had a stellar performance in week 17 during the 2011 season for Green Bay. If Flynn can channel that Lambeau field feeling, for an entire season, Seattle may find themselves near the .500 mark. Flynn also has acquired a new target in Terrell Owens, but at what point does T.O. become more of a liability than an asset?


Arizona Cardinals - Projected Record 4-12


There’s simply no polite way of saying it, this year’s Arizona Cardinals are staring up from the bottom. Arizona has looked very poor in their first two-preseason matchups. Their defense is unable to stop the ball, while their offense is unable to move it. With a quarterback trio of Lindley, Kolb, and Skelton, there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to for wide-out Larry Fitzgerald, who was vocal about his team’s poor performance after their most recent pre-season loss.



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