Professional Sports Betting Picks

The professional sports handicapping approach at Shark Handicapping is a bit different than most premium sports information sites. Shark offers full access to every sport for every member for a period of time, compared competitors which offer access to a single sport for one season. No one else offers you that kind of value! You get sports betting information that is thoroughly researched and analysis that is very straigt forward and complete. Our service provides you with College Football picks, baseball, NBA, College Basketball, NHL Hockey and NFL football predictions and selections. If you need to increase your winnings in sports betting, join Shark Handicapping for a profitable season and earn a return on your sports investing!


Handicap with the Pros

We have had winning seasons 14 of the last 16 years. We are well on our way to completing another winning year. Sports betting is our main source of fun and income. Sports handicapping is our specialty. Sports bettors in it for the long haul have made a great return on their investment using our system and staying disciplined, through hot streaks and cold streaks.  Sports play is not a sprint, it's a marathon and we take pride in teaching our clients how to handle the ups and downs that take place throughout the year. 


Price Does Not Always Reflect Results !

If your looking at handicappers that charge thousands of dollars for a season in a sport I advise you to think twice before buying.  Most handicapping sites are concerned with their next sale.  Our focus is on our current client base.  Our prices are low because we are successful and we have a unprecedented repeat customers and as long as we keep our customer base we don't have to charge crazy price take the hard sell approach. Our packages include Daily, 1, 3, 6 or 12 month terms that gain you access to all sports picks, tools, articles, match-ups and news. As we have said time and again .. we are simple and like simple things. We have a simple sports betting system. And we have simple memberships. Both work extraordinarily well.








These packages are by far the best deal we offer and is the best deal we know of on the net for football picks, basketball picks, baseball picks and clean sports information.